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Cloud adoption strategy is implemented to enhance and improve the scalability of the organization’s internet-based database making the processing time cost-effective, while also reducing the risk factor. It stores private data on the private cloud while also utilizing public cloud technologies to ensure the functioning of apps running on the private data.   

For a cloud adoption strategy to function properly, it follows a process of assessment, planning, adoption, and optimization. These four steps are critical for a proper cloud adoption strategy as it ensures proper transaction to the cloud, of security as well.  


The cloud-native architecture combines software components that development teams use to build and run scalable cloud-native applications. Cloud-native application development describes how and where developers build and deploy cloud-native applications. A cultural shift is important for cloud-native development. Developers adopt specific software practices to decrease the software delivery timeline and deliver accurate features that meet changing user expectations. With the seamless deployment of the AWS cloud, our AWS professionals help businesses lower costs, increase scalability, and revolutionize operations.


Understanding that migrations can be difficult for organizations and takes up a lot of time, and resources, with AWS Accelerated Progressions this migration is made easy, it accelerates the entire journey with an outcome-driven methodology. It offers services and tools to significantly reduce costs and elevate the execution of a process, it offers a customizable training process and content. It works in a three-phase process (Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate, and Modernize), this process enables it to accomplish the migration goals. It helps to develop a stronger AWS cloud foundation, reduce risk, and elevate the journey while reducing the cost factor. With migrations that are focused on results and precise results, we enable your business to align with and adapt to constantly changing business needs.


Migration is not an easy task for an organization, as it shifts the entire working process from one system to another, and requires huge costs, resources, and technological aspects. With the AWS Migration process, it provides an added feature of automating the migration process, reducing the human/manual effort, reducing the time, utilizing the work hours, and significantly reducing the cost and resources spent on it. It helps you to create a pipeline and align the migration tasks accordingly, which doesn’t disrupt the workflow and also provides an efficient and accurate migration process.


With our quality services and highly skilled team, we provide you with best-in-class
solutions for all your requirements keeping in mind the crucial factors.

Synergistic Collaboration

We believe with a proper team all the tasks can be completed and achieved
within a proper timespan. Teamwork provides increased efficiency,
accelerates the entire process, provides accuracy, reduces time, and provides
better results. We understand the importance of teamwork and our team of
professionals assists you in implementing industry best practices based on
our understanding of a wide range of cloud projects.

Flexible Delivery

The result is always better and of quality, if provided with flexible options. We
believe in providing flexibility and with the same approach, we provide
variable packages and fixed monthly costs, offering you the flexibility to scale
your business up or down based on your requirements and financial

Affordable Model

We understand the need for a cost-effective solution and believe in providing affordable models as growth is for everyone and no one should be restricted because of any factor. We provide a highly skilled and diverse team of cloud engineers and architects available through a variety of subscription packages with shared access.


Cloud application development describes how and where developers build and deploy cloud-native applications. A cultural shift is important for cloud-native development. Developers adopt specific software practices to decrease the software delivery timeline and deliver accurate features that meet changing user

Agility Planning

With proper planning and execution, every task is achievable and can be made possible, the planning needs to oversee all the aspects of the process and needs to be responsive to all the factors taking part in the process. Our team of professionals assists you in implementing industry best practices based on our understanding of a wide range of cloud projects.

Serverless Oriented

Serverless computing is a cloud-native model where the cloud provider fully manages the underlying server infrastructure. Developers use serverless computing because the cloud infrastructure automatically scales and configures to meet application requirements. Developers only pay for the resources the application uses. The serverless architecture automatically removes compute resources when the app stops running. We provide a specialized group of engineers and architects who are solely focused on creating serverless applications.

Edge-to-Edge Services

We ensure that the services we provide are of the utmost quality and provide better results when implemented. We deliver the best possible services for all backend apps, integrations, APIs, and UI as these are the essentials for any app to function properly and provide better outcomes. We believe in turning your ideas into reality with our services providing you with fully functional, and practical solutions.

Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations is the umbrella for managing delivery, tuning, optimization, and performance of workloads and IT services that run in a cloud environment including multi, and hybrid, in the data center and at the edge. CloudOps codifies procedures and best practices for cloud-based operational processes 


We build from scratch with the best quality throughout to ensure the outcome is of top quality as well. For this, we go out of our way to enable you to design and manage automation so that you can deploy infrastructure and applications.


An adaptable approach helps you to grow in various aspects, with the adaptable approach we provide, we work with agility so there is not much time lost and the entire process runs seamlessly. We understand your needs and requirements and provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage ongoing change, improve business performance, and save expenses. This ensures the delivery of the best quality services from our side.


A major factor we understand is security and we manage that aspect as well by managing, monitoring, and implementing any hazard recovery as well as maintaining security, as security operations provide a secure business, and ensuring security is our topmost priority. We ensure that any hazard should not take place due to any security concerns and to avoid that security is our primary concern when it comes to any operation. Security is a major aspect of the cloud as
everything is accessible by almost everyone and if the wrong information is out, it could lead to a disaster that we won’t like as much as you won’t like. Making it a habit we provide safe and secure options.


We believe that constant improvements lead to better success stories, we also know that it is not easy to do it all alone, so we inspire you to grow, improve, and succeed at every step while supporting constantly. We also understand that success doesn’t come overnight and for that, you need some sort of inspiration and a little push, we are here to provide you with that. We are persistent in encouraging to grow along with the industry’s constant advancements.


We are experts in using effective execution tactics to boost performance and deliver high-impact results
across the entire business and customer lifecycle.

We at Rialtes rethink and rebuild processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the scope and precision of data analytics. We have been assisting customers across industries, from
financial services to healthcare, to achieve greater agility through changed and automated customer experiences.

Our teams adhere to the highest professional standards by prioritizing the client, maintaining the client’s trust, adhering to high ethical standards, maintaining an independent perspective, and managing the client’s resources efficiently.

Furthermore, the teams are committed to improving client performance by introducing innovative solutions for clients, establishing, and maintaining client trust, and leveraging our global network to deliver the best solutions possible. We help our client’s brands by improving how they operate. We rethink the process and collaborate to streamline, rebuild, and return it smarter than before.

Our teams are dedicated to assisting our clients in making distinct, longterm, and significant improvements in their performance, as well as building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. Our process transformation services innovate at the intersection of technology and business to change processes that help our clients achieve their objectives.



We offer AWS license as a Subscription enabling the purchase of the desired license at affordable prices as per the requirements.


The consultation team provides
proper consultation to the clients
as per their requirements and
proceeds with the project
consultation, planning, and
followed by preparation for a
complete flow of the process.


The highly skilled and
technologically advanced
engineers analyze the client’s
requirements and offer them an
efficient and effortless
implementation strategy.


The industry experience enables to development of software on the platforms for automating complete business operations and easing the entire process workflow.


It enables an analysis of all the possible issues to obstruct the efficiency and the requirements for better efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Web Portal

Expertise in developing the B2B and B2C portals for increasing the pace for organizations to enhance their reach on the web.


It reduces the operational cost and streamlines the operations by leveraging the various application support models.



We listen, we discuss, we advise. Well, everyone does that, but what makes us different is that we listen not only to you but your ideas, plans, and your objectives for your business. Carefully we select the best solution for you and provide you with honest opinions even if we feel we are not a good fit for you, we’ll be honest.


Optimization is our next step where we optimize and enhance your processes and efficiency via process consulting services for process definition, process implementation, audit, and process training.


We understand cyber security and information security management are essential for any organization. We have developed a rigid information security system for ensuring confidentiality, and business continuity and preventing any chances of information breach or any other security hazard.


Our Quality Assurance process takes into consideration the business requirements, technology development, feedback, and suggestions from experts. It further includes implementing an organization-wide defect prevention program, metrics program, process automation, and introduction of new tools.


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