From the beginning to the present

Where every service is available online, the healthcare industry has also been expecting the same. Patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals have been waiting for a transformation in the industry.

However, the healthcare industry has transformed and has come a long way from what it used to be with conventional practices. Implementation of advanced technologies offering precision, efficiency, agility, and quality care. This transformation has been possible due to the changes in the patient’s needs, increased footfall, changing industry standards, and introduction of innovative technologies.

A significant role has been played by the pandemic scenario as well, where using technology was the only option available for healthcare professionals. Even now, the healthcare industry is changing processes and operations for better care services.

salesforce health cloud

The future of healthcare

Although there is no such measure yet leveraging that we can peek into the future and learn what’s to come. Yet there can be predictions made based on the current trends and patterns being followed in the industries. In the healthcare industry, these trends can be anticipated depending on the current patient demands and needs.
Some of the expected trends to be seen in the healthcare industry are as follows:
  • Virtual care
  • Smart healthcare
  • Personalized medicine
  • Telemedicine
  • Implementation of AI-ML algorithm
  • Smart wearable devices
  • Integration of bots

The above-listed trends are expected to emerge in the industry at a high scale and transform the overall healthcare experience for patients.

Among all these trends for the future, there is one trend that is being implemented at present but is for future reshaping the future for the industry and that is the implementation of the Health Cloud. It is a service offering from the leading CRM provider Salesforce for automating the functionality in the healthcare industry. It enables healthcare professionals to amplify their care system and provide patients with an enhanced experience.

Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud

salesforce health cloud consultant enables healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations to enhance the doctor-patient relationship by enabling them to offer better care experiences. With Health Cloud, automation is implemented for an enhanced process and seamless overall operations.

Furthermore, it offers a more enriched and personalized care experience for the patients depending on the data collected. Based on the patient trends, they are provided with the course of treatments.

Features of Salesforce Health Cloud

Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud in any healthcare institution enables patients to leverage the following features for an enhanced care experience.

  • Patient-centric solution
  • 360° view of the patient journey
  • Real-time communication
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Prior Authorization
  • Personalized care experience
  • Sales and medical devices optimization
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Integration with wearable health devices


The Health Cloud provides the following benefits to the users:
  • Efficient patient care
  • Enhanced engagements with preventive care measures
  • Seamless integration with modern healthcare technology
  • Automated healthcare journey
  • Regular updates
  • Digitized forms
  • Comparative analysis

All these features of salesforce health cloud implementation allow both payers and payees in the healthcare industry to take advantage, and work toward a common goal of offering better care to patients.

One of the most significant aspects here to talk about is Prior Authorization. It is an automated process that allows healthcare institutions to get in touch with the payers (insurance providers) for any treatment course beforehand, to verify their involvement in the process. The authorization process enables both the concerned accomplices to have clear communication. Salesforce is further associated with several healthcare application development company for wearable health device manufacturing.

How Rialtes fits into the picture

Salesforce comprises various Salesforce consulting companies working to offer Salesforce implementation services. Rialtes is a Salesforce consulting partner and a certified managed service provider. Implementing these services allows you to transform your healthcare processes to a level where you can offer the patients with enhanced care and elevate the entire journey.

Rialtes is offering Salesforce implementation services with its Salesforce experience of over two decades and a proficient team of subject matter experts. To shed more light on Prior Authorization, we are organizing a webinar on Digitization of Prior Authorization in Salesforce Health Cloud by our Director of Digital Services- Mr. Anuraag Aggarwal.

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