Leading property management company saves 30% on annual Infrastructure cost


Problem Overview

Rialtes is an Amazon Web Services Partner and support multiple clients across North America in migrating them to AWS Infrastructure. Our client, one of the top 20 property management companies in the US, owns a public facing web portal, which serves as a development, e-marketing, and customer management platform. The client used multiple web interfaces with different applications integrated for  employees, customers, and partners to manage it as a one stop solution. Further, the same environment was being used for new product announcements, marketing and other tasks, which resulted in several technical issues, especially during high traffic times such as weekdays and holidays.

The client sought Rialtes’ help in finding a low-cost solution within their current infrastructure to overcome website issues related to slow speed, crashing, and load balancing.

Proposed Solution

Considering the client’s needs and expectations, Rialtes experts proposed migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform to overcome the challenges being faced. The proposed solution will include multiple EC2 instances with autoscaling in HA (High Availability) mode to ensure there are no outages in different availability zones. To ensure database availability, Amazon S3 service and rationale database was recommended. Finally, we proposed setting-up elastic load balancing, which can significantly improve the website response time and traffic management.


We helped the client adopt the recommended solution and move its web and product development environment to the AWS cloud. This helped the client to successfully overcome all challenges and improve efficiency. It also helped them make significant cost savings on local infrastructure and hardware upgrades. The client expects to recover 30% of cost within 1 year of implementation. Further, the new architecture is highly reliable, scalable, and flexible for future requirements, as well.