Top Real estate company increases productivity by 20%


Background & Challenge:

Rialtes Technologies offers Yardi managed services to several property management and real estate companies in North America. One of our clients, which uses Yardi to manage its entire real estate business, was facing challenges related to the management of user access and permissions on the platform. The client encountered several security incidents related to authorization and level of access. In some cases, employees were granted access, but the access was never reviewed or revoked after they left the organization. The process of termination and re-hire was also undefined leading to security threats as per the ISO standards and organization’s best practices

Recommended Solution –

After understanding the challenges and client’s requirements, Rialtes performed a gap analysis, business criticality analysis and Yardi application capability analysis to achieve the required objective. We recommended the adoption of pre-defined workflow management for any Yardi application related requests. Rialtes team worked on preparing unique templates for different types of requests and implemented them within the Yardi environment. The team created different roles including account, account admin, controller, executive, regional employee, leasing employee, marketing, payroll, and helpdesk, among others to streamline access-related workflows. All roles included pre-defined approvers and level of access. This workflow was also implemented in the organization’s ticket tool to include designated employee approval access, which is integrated to the workflow.


Rialtes team was able to successfully define the Yardi access process for the client based on employees’ designation level of access, required approval, and trainings completed. The client has validated the process diagram and plans to implement the process across the organization. The process not only helped the client improve access and permissions workflow, but also  enhanced their compliance with security and ISO standards. The new process helped the client make significant costs savings within the first quarter and minimize security breaches, potential business risks, and critical information isolation