A FedRAMP certified, HUD-compliant cloud solution to manage all your needs—including affordable housing programs, operations, accounting, HR & payroll, and more.

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Digitizes the complete application process via applicant portal and apps.   

Screening & Background Checks

Collaborates with ONLINE Information Services platform for all screenings. 

Waitlist Selection

Simplifies waitlist selection by screening hundreds of applicants.  

Appointment Scheduling

Integrates with your staff’s calendars to simplify appointment scheduling. 

Notifications & Document Generation

Saves time by sending automated notifications & creating mass documents. 

Reasonable Accommodations

Monitors the special needs of applicants & residents to include accommodations. 


Housing Choice Vouchers

Issuance & management of housing choice vouchers for supporting a participant’s housing requirement in the private market. 


Rent Subsidy

Automatically calculates the allowable housing subsidy for a family based on HUD standards. 

Project-Based Vouchers

Manage and use authorized vouchers towards project-based units. 


Submit applications and manage RAD conversions more efficiently. 

Homeownership Vouchers

Assist residents to become homeowners by managing their monthly expenses and eligibility. 


Case Management & Counseling

Create and manage trainings, as well as enroll participants into the trainings that are most relevant for them

Escrow Account Management

Create, manage, and track all information related to a participant’s escrow account in one place. 

Vendor Management

Stay connected with existing vendors and onboard new vendors for all your procurement requirements. 

Asset Management

Keep track of all your assets and their value at any given time to keep your records updated.  


Track your inventory in real-time with exact number of items available and re-order out of stock material. 

Account Receivables

Plan and measure your financial growth with automated account receivables. 

Account Payables

Automates the account payables process to maximize accuracy and prevent unnecessary spending. 

Bank Reconciliation

AI-powered automation rectifies the difference between the bank statement and your records to provide the most accurate financial statements.  

General Ledger

Record all expenses and incomes and generate reports to estimate the present and future value of your assets for long-term planning. 

Budget & Forecasting

Intelligent budget and forecasting provide a direct line-of-sight into the company’s financial status. 

Asset Management

Keep track of all your assets and their value at any given time to keep your records updated.


Create a complete plan with goals and tasks for every project and grant. 

Project Management

Manage each project and grant and track the status of individual goals and tasks to review progress. 

Contract Management

Manage all grant related contracts, orders, and payments. 

Grants Status

Keep track of all grants from one place and integrate it with the general ledger to update accounts. 

Property Listings

Integrates with GoSection8 to list available public housing properties and units. 


Schedule, manage, and track inspections for all your properties and units. 

Work Orders

Digitizes and shorten your work orders’ lifecycle and provide technicians the tools and information they need to manage their tasks more efficiently. 


Simplify payroll calculation and distribution and stay in compliance with local, state, and federal government’s policies and tax laws. 


Accurately track the different benefits that each employee receives including pension, health insurance, and life insurance, among others 

HR Tasks

Manage all HR-related tasks such as on-boarding, maintaining employee files, tracking leaves, and so on with a centralized module.


Keep track of everything, create live dashboards and reports, and get a 360-degree view of your PHA. 

Business Intelligence

Access predictive and descriptive analytics to always stay on top of your budgets, programs, operations, and efficiency. 

Compliance Reporting

We provide advisory services that span the entire
compliance management lifecycle.

HUD Reportings

Access pre-delivered and customized HUD reports through
web and mobile interfaces.

Community Engagement

Create and manage events, activities, and more at the
click of a button..

Automating your day-to-day operations with GovHouse affordable housing software helps you focus on the bigger goal and things that matter the most – making affordable housing a reality for every citizen.

Mobile Apps

Customized mobile apps for staff, applicants, residents, landlords, and inspectors.  

Self-service Portals

Simplify access with a range of self-service portals for all stakeholders.   

Analytics Engine

Create thousands of customized and downloadable reports and dashboards on-the-fly.  

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrates with your current or legacy system to ensure work continuity.  

Software Advisory Services

We work with you to understand your PHA’s technology needs and plan your software implementation.

Implementation Services

We provide step-by-step guidance on software consolidation, optimization/testing, training, and integration.   

Managed Services

We offer unique and comprehensive support models, technical and application enhancement services, and vendor management integration support. 

Data Interface Development

Overcome adoption roadblocks through data interface development between GovHouse and any applications that you might be using.   

Migration & Integration of Unstructured Data

Migrate unstructured data from your on-premise application to structured data on the GovHouse CRM.


Hands-on Training

Enhance your staff’s technical capabilities through regular, easy-to-understand, in-person and online trainings and assessments.   

On-demand Content

Access our centralized platform for resources related to on-demand educational content designed to meet the learning needs of different customer groups.   

Manage waitlist, compliance, procurement, budget, and more from a single affordable housing software.

Meet our Public Housing Experts

Meet our Public Housing Experts

 Our team of experts with 20+ years of public and affordable housing experience will work alongside you – from implementation to delivery.   

Simplify Operations with Artificial Intelligence

Simplify Operations with Artificial Intelligence

Experience the power of AI-enabled mobile apps and self-service portals to simplify tasks and manage key stakeholders. 


Pay-as-you-go Implementation

Pay-as-you-go Implementation

Not one size fits all. Government departments can select, implement, and pay only for the modules they need. 



Enhance your customer experience with branded and customized self-service portals and apps that provide easy access for all your key stakeholders.

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