Manage all your assets on a single cloud platform


Zero or limited customization options ?

Operation Desk

Tired of fixing frequent Integration failures ?


No mobility for employees ?

No property intelligence or data driven decision making ?


One platform for all your property management needs



Affordable Housing

100% Mobile ready

Access your information when you need it the most.

RealForce is a 100% mobile ready platform

Collaborate using Artificial Intelligence tools

Empower employees with AI based collaboration tools. Use the task management to reward and create a winning culture within your team

Empower your clients with multilingual self service portals

Let residents, vendors, owners access the most advanced self service portals,  customized to the needs of property managers.

Add more portals based on your needs

How to get started with RealForce?

It's time to make the move to RealForce

Receive faster payments with Inbuilt payment gateway

Tired  of collecting payments using multiple payment systems ?. Experience automated billing and faster payment collection. No need of integration!

Expand your horizon with 3000+ business apps extensions

There is hardly any app that RealForce doesn’t integrate with. Work in world’s most collaborative cloud

Keep leads warm, Residents engaged

Reduce your Lead2Lease cycle by using outlook or Gmail to create leads, update records in RealForce.

Run branded email campaigns against the generated leads using email template designer

Simplify application process with digital signatures

Paper based processes decrease efficiency and customer engagement.

Get your leases signed with a click of a button!

Manage risks with inbuilt tenant screening

Screen multiple applicants nationwide for criminal, income and rental history

Offer exceptional customer service everytime

Inbuilt IVR, Softphone, Dialpad and more. Run your entire operations from a centralized Digital Desk

Make decisions based on real time data

RealForce business intelligence suite runs on mobile. Give up on nightly batch based Dashboards.

Access what you need the most on your mobile, in real time


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