The early age

The need for healthcare services has been growing tremendously. With rise of technology advancements, it has truly become the need of the hour to automate what we can and offer patients with an advanced form of healthcare.
However, with the traditional approach, there comes a burden of constantly updating the manual records, which is time-consuming and depends on manual effort. This created a situation of chaos, resulting in unsatisfied customers, and substandard services.
As we stepped into the tech-driven era, all industries adopted relevant technologies and transformed their business processes. Even the real estate industry began its digital transformation journey, transforming its business operations, services, and overall structure with the adoption of property management software.

A revolutionary period

Implementation of advanced AI-ML combinations and other technologies made it possible for the real estate industry to develop property management software for better processing. These software turned out to be a blessing for real estate as it completely transformed how the industry used to function before. There was a huge difference in services in a comparative analysis.

In terms of customer satisfaction, the adoption of property management software increased the customer experience by 60% and enhanced productivity & efficiency by 40%. This made property management software the star of the industry and a much-needed tool for offering better customer services.

Among these, the YARDI system emerged to be one of the first such software. However, in today’s world, the system is not truly relevant to the latest technology and is facing certain technological setbacks.

YARDI services

The YARDI system is regarded as one of the first property management software to be implemented in the real estate industry. This software solved various issues emerging then. But it has become outdated in terms of technology when there are various other providers available in the industry offering similar services.

Where did YARDI lack?

As the technologies and systems updated fast enough to keep up with the changing pace, the YARDI system somewhere lacked to do the same. Here are some of the common challenges faced in the YARDI property management software:
  • Complex platform
  • Not user-friendly
  • Zero training available
  • Hard to operate
  • Unresponsive system
  • Difficult data access
However, certain organizations are offering YARDI consulting services for property managers who are already working with the YARDI systems. These YARDI support services are being offered by various consulting companies globally and are enhancing the YARDI services.

It allows property managers to continue using the services from YARDI, but they are run by a different service provider. Further, certain service providers are offering YARDI Managed Services, taking over your entire operations and struggling managing properties.

But why managed services?

As has been discussed, the YARDI services were not up to customers’ expectations, and certain consulting firms stepped forward to offer YARDI consulting services. These are also classified as YARDI Managed Services, which allow property managers to leverage the YARDI services; however, the system is managed by a third party for efficiency and productivity.
The already existing data allows the dashboard to leverage the data and suggests suitable timing for the patient where the cancellation rate would be less along with the nearest center for patients convenient. With Health Cloud medical record sharing has already been eased and convenient for the healthcare institutions to transfer the medical records of patients.
Not only this, with intelligent appointment scheduling patients are asked a set of questions beforehand to analyze their requirement of a healthcare professional. Based on the output nearby healthcare centers are offered to patients.
In this whole picture, the patients and their needs are kept in center, and the entire system is revolving around them. Having implemented such an intelligent and technologically advanced system where patients can even view their overall appointments with a user-friendly dashboard, it has altered the dimensions of the existing healthcare system.

Rialtes- YARDI Managed Service Provider

Rialtes being a global consulting firm, also offers YARDI Managed Services for enhancing the YARDI support services available in the market. With Rialtes these services allow property managers to have a seamless implementation of the YARDI system. Apart from Rialtes offers various additional features, such as:
  • Advisory services
  • Property on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Smart accounting
  • Technical support
  • Custom development

We further assist you in:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • On-boarding
  • Off-boarding
  • Finance management

Our services are better and enhanced because of our:

  • Tailor-made services
  • Ecosystem of experts
  • International reach
  • Innovative approach
  • Result oriented vision
All these services listed are the reason why Rialtes YARDI Managed Services are the best-in-class for property management software. With YARDI Consulting services Rialtes also ensures that the client team is fully equipped with enough knowledge to manage, and work on, the YARDI platform.

Summing up

Implementation of YARDI consulting and YARDI Managed Services allows your team to access the system seamlessly, and with convenience. This external support offered by consulting organizations makes it easy for property managers to run this platform and manage their properties effortlessly.
Property management software has for sure marked its significance in the real estate industry, making it inevitable to implement such a system with advanced technology.


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