How can RealForce help property managers sell faster?

How can RealForce help property managers sell faster?

RealForce property management software

Two of the biggest and the most important tools in a property manager’s arsenal are his property management software and his email id!

 While the property management solution helps him build and maintain relations with existing customers, his email id can help him stay in touch with them and find new leads.  

However, toggling between the two means a lot of back and forth. Adding contacts in emails, sending related mails, following up, and then adding the latest agreements into your software is cumbersome. Next comes, keeping the discussion up to date on the property management solution and keeping other team members in the loop. All this effort means that the property manager is spending a lot of time updating data and less time leasing! 

RealForce property management platform helps turn your inbox into a lead generation tool! It helps you seamlessly integrate all the information between your inbox and RealForce without having to leave your inbox interface! 

Let us look at RealForce property management solution inbox integrator and understand how it can help property managers save time and sell more while working smarter 

Create contacts in RealForce 

Every time you get an inquiry on email, create a contact in RealForce without leaving your inbox. Enjoy the same seamless experience on your mobile or desktop and create connections on the go. You can create new contacts in RealForce as a new contact, lead, or opportunity with just a few clicks. You can even create custom heads and save your contacts under that as well. 

360-degree profile for contacts in Gmail 

If you are using Gmail, then every time you enter a new contact on RealForce  you get a 360-degree profile of the contact with details integrated from social media channels as well. RealForce can also help you identify if a particular contact is already present in your property management solution and the kind of interaction you had earlier.  

Log emails 

Once a prospect emails you, one of the most powerful things that you can do with RealForce is log that email and assign it to your team members who might need to follow this up or can offer custom solutions. With this, you create a pipeline view, and every new response is logged into the system for you and your team members knowledge! This snapshot view will keep you up to speed with every response on a particular lead. 

Send emails faster with RealForce templates 

You can create custom template emails for every kind of enquiry and have a shared folder on RealForce. Respond to leads faster with custom template emails. Shared folders ensure that every enquiry gets a uniform response, helping maintain your brand voice and tone.  Responding via template emails not only saves time but also makes responding on mobiles faster and simpler.  

Insert availability calendar 

Did you know it takes an average of 8 emails to confirm a meeting time? That’s a lot of mails! Save this back and forth by integrating your calendar with RealForce.  Every time you email, you can sync your calendar and share possible meeting timeslots with the prospect. The best thing is that if a slot gets taken, it is automatically updated, effectively negating the possibility of double-booking! 

Schedule your response mails 

If you want your email response to go out at a particular time, that is easily possible with RealForce.  With RealForce inbox integration you can schedule an email to go out at a particular time by scheduling the mail responses. Another cool feature with RealForce is that you can track when your response was read right from your mailbox! 

RealForce property management solution will revolutionize the way real-estate management industry works. RealForce can power up your humble mailbox to find more leads and sell faster. Work smarter with RealForce- #ThePowerofEverything. 

RealForce is a cloud-based property management solution by Rialtes. It harnesses the power of AI and VR based modules with 100% mobility and best-in-class customer support.  To know more about RealForce and schedule a demo email us at 

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