Running a business is no piece of cake! Having said that even the most popular businesses in 2022 require a dynamic data strategy to ensure a smooth workflow and peaceful environment amidst the organization. A data strategy is a long-term plan that defines the technology, processes, people, and rules needed to manage a company’s information assets.  

Without further ado, let us jump to the point or the motive of this blog wherein we will give you a top-to-bottom explanation of why implementing AWS into your business for strategizing your data shall be beneficial for your business in the longer run.  

What is AWS?  

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is the world’s most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform, providing over 200 highly customizable services from data centers around the world. Millions of customers, including the quickest start-ups, largest enterprises, and renowned government agencies, count on AWS to reduce costs, improve agility, and accelerate innovation.  

Why Choose AWS?  

AWS makes it far easier, quicker, and less expensive to migrate existing applications to the cloud and build anything you can imagine. They offer more services and features within those amenities than any other cloud provider, ranging from infrastructure technologies like computing storage, and databases to innovations like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things.  

Apart from these we must closely examine and understand some of the better reasons why companies and businesses should pick AWS to build their modern data strategy in the first place. Some of the usually observed and reported surveys on the advantages of implementing AWS into their previous data streams have helped the companies in-  

  1. More efficient operations 
  1. Better optimized process 
  1. Quicker decision making 
  1. Increased financial revenues or profits 
  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

Benefits of AWS in Data Strategy  

AWS offers several services to help you reinvent your business with data. You can join over 1.5 million customers in bringing your data to the most trusted, secure, and scalable cloud community on the planet. AWS, for example, can be used to do the following:  

  • AWS Data Infrastructure Modernization services can be used to upgrade existing systems. 
  • With Analytics on AWS, you can choose and implement the best data analytics strategies. 
  • Machine Learning on AWS can help you create new experiences and reimagine old ones. 
  • Create a free AWS account today to begin implementing your data strategy. 

How Can Rialtes Help?  

Rialtes is an AWS-certified partner that functions as a seamless, collaborative team to ensure flawless performance for your entire business. The use of innovative capabilities of our managed AWS services gives us the freedom to assist you in increasing productivity and business operations. Some of our sought-after AWS services include-   

  1. Operational transformations by using AWS Cloud 
  1. Improvising scalability whilst cutting additional costs 
  1. Adapt and evolve with trending business needs 
  1. Innovative migration approach allowing you to code automated delivery pipelines 
  1. Flexible packages that can be customized as per clients’ needs 
  1. Optimal delivery of all backend applications, APIs, integrations, and UI. 

Ready to become a Safe, Secure, and Paperless business today, then become a part of Rialtes now.  


Q- How is AWS used in data analytics?  

Ans- AWS makes it simple to transfer data between the data lake and purpose-built data services. AWS Glue, for example, is a serverless data integration service that simplifies data preparation for analytics, machine learning, and application development.  

Q- Does AWS have a CDP?  

Ans- Yes, AWS does have a CDP i.e., Customer Data Platform. Data is gathered from various sources, cleansed, and combined to form a single customer profile.  

Q- What are the 3 strategic pillars of a modern data strategy?  

Ans- The 3 strategic pillars of a modern data strategy are-   

  • Data Storage 
  • Data Governance 
  • Data Accessibility & Analytics 

Q- Does AWS have data analytics?  

Ans- AWS offers extensive, safe, scalable, and affordable data analytics services. AWS analytics services fulfill all data analytics requirements and allow companies of all sizes and industries to reinvent their businesses using data.