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Microsoft Azure VS AWS- which cloud computing solution is better for business? Features overview.

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Improves Business

Azure has the capabilities to meet the demands of growing businesses with time for growth.


Azure can smoothly integrate amongst open-source technologies as well as third-party applications and software.


With the assurance of Microsoft inbuilt, Azure offers immense data security, threat detection, and identity management.

Sensible Pricing

Azure offers a pay-as-you-go product feature pricing which makes it easier for first-time users to implement and integrate its services.

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We aid companies to

Monitor IT environments
Troubleshoot errors
Manage mitigation disasters

Helping you Ditch the Complexities!

Implementing Azure with us makes you- scalable, flexible, cost-effective, integrated, and
reliable with time. With a global infrastructure and in-built redundancies.

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& Compute?

Different industries, different mindsets.

Your businesses success is influenced by your people. Transform your business with a quantifiable and process-focused system.

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Business analytics solution for agility and growth.


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Enabling seamless collaboration of independent apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using Microsoft Azure?

Some of the major benefits of using Microsoft Azure are:

  • Azure supports hybrid cloud scenarios for deployment
  • It supports a diverse range of open-source technologies
  • Works on a convenient pay-as-you-go model service
  • Optimizes infrastructure to save time and money
  • Makes organizations digitally relevant and compliant

Can Rialtes help with the on-premises to cloud transition with Azure?

Rialtes in collaboration with Azure highly supports both hybrid clouds and on-premises situations by migrating specific workloads as per the requirement. Azure’s spectrum of solutions makes the job easier to pull and transfer all resources from legacy servers to the cloud.

How is Azure different from other cloud providers?

Azure by Microsoft is exceptional in many manners that are inclusive of features like- in-built compliance plus security, being capable of hybrid deployment, and seamless third-party tech collaborations via multiple sources. Secondly, it’s easily compatible with all Microsoft offerings. Rialtes offers Azure Cloud Solutions along with other cloud services.

How do you get started with Azure services?

It’s always wiser to consult an implementation partner like Rialtes to begin your journey toward Azure. Our in-house team of professionals guides you with the most complex and challenging deployment parts and navigates the entire process flawlessly to ensure seamless integration of Azure Cloud Solutions.

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