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Yardi Consulting
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We provide specialized knowledge to fully integrate, administer, and improve your Yardi system. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to integrate new technology in a well-run property management firm. By offering the knowledge required for your company’s flawless implementation of the Yardi Property Management System, Rialtes assists you in overcoming this difficulty. 

What do we offer under Yardi

Yardi Managed Services

On-boarding property and asset migration

With the help of our Digital Desk service, you can onboard properties more quickly and accurately by expediting tasks like data transformation and conversion, financial transaction migration, integration activation, and more. Utilize an integrated onboarding module that our team built after onboarding more than 1000 commercial and residential properties to decrease the time and expense associated with asset movement. 

Smart accounting

By contracting out your accounting and finance functions, you can concentrate on your main business. Using SmartAccount, you may save your finance and accounting expenses by up to 30%. Our clients benefit from working with a dedicated finance and accounting digital desk, which lowers their operating costs, frees up resources when needed, decreases operating and overhead costs, and boosts profitability. 

Yardi Implementation Services

Our consultants are aware of your company’s requirements because they have an average of more than 15 years of experience deploying Yardi modules globally. Our implementation services include developing bespoke reports, system integration with other real estate or non-real estate software solutions, data automation and conversion, AI-based lease abstraction, and RPA-based system automation.



We listen, we discuss, we advise. Well, everyone does that, but what makes us different is that we listen not only to you but your ideas, plans, and your objectives for your business. Carefully we select the best solution for you and provide you with honest opinions even if we feel we are not a good fit for you, we’ll be honest.


Optimization is our next step where we optimize and enhance your processes and efficiency via process consulting services for process definition, process implementation, audit, and process training.


We understand cyber security and information security management are essential for any organization. We have developed a rigid information security system for ensuring confidentiality, and business continuity and preventing any chances of information breach or any other security hazard.


Our Quality Assurance process takes into consideration the business requirements, technology development, feedback, and suggestions from experts. It further includes implementing an organization-wide defect prevention program, metrics program, process automation, and introduction of new tools.


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