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Become a scalable, robust, and intelligent enterprise
by adapting from on-premises to cloud infrastructure.

How can a Cloud migration provider help
you with digital flexibility?

Be Omnipresent!

A Successful Cloud Migration Should Seamlessly Transition All
Your Enterprise’s Data, Hardware, And Software Structure Into A
Hybrid Or Public Cloud Environment And Help You Become “Digitallly Present”.

We specialise in
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Use the best third-party vendors for your cloud migration and make your transition a smooth journey.
Rent or purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis whilst ditching the need for physical in-house ecosystem.

The best of cloud computing and data under one roof to meet all your migration needs in an efficient

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Whether you need storage, database, security, or virtual machines Azure has you covered.

What are the key aspects involved in a cloud
migration strategy?

Cloud Migration is crucial. But why-

Cloud Migration Solution | Cloud Migration Company | Cloud Migration Services Provider

3 Key migrations in industry

Choose a reliable, trusted, and resplendent cloud migration consultant for your next venture with us.

Cloud Migration Solution | Cloud Migration Company | Cloud Migration Services Provider

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with us by implementing the

Eliminate the

Still connecting the dots?

If you are unsure of how to optimize your data, analyze the anomalies, or identify the ideal opportunities for your migration needs, its time to connect with us.

Enable Smooth Transitions with us-

A spectrum of offerings in cloud migration arena helping you towards a
smoother transition which results in an effective navigation and restructuring of
your company.

We help you curate a value-based solution, using our team of experts, technology, and other proven strategies to enable higher ROI(return on investment) performance.

Be stress-free of compliance
regulations, governance, supervision, and automated optimizations via managed cloud solutions by us.

With modernized applications and
custom cloud offerings you can relive
additional load off your IT team.

Begin your journey towards becoming a sustainable organisation by moving to the cloud.

The best of cloud computing and data under one roof to meet all your migration needs in an efficient

Segregation as per industry, functionality, and AI-driven insights provided by cloud-specific data models.

We design with you your ideal migration solution with our spectrum arena of offerings. Side-by-side collaboration with your in-house team to leverage best automation practices to speed track migrations, reduce disasters, and change management for better ROI.

Different industries, different mindsets.

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation And Consultant


real estate industry

Real Estate

hi tech industry


manufacturing industry


public service

Public Sectors

The Big Bang Solution

What’s more to explore


Salesforce Consulting

Unlock your unexplored possibilities with the #1 CRM in the world.


Amazon Web Services

No more dilly-dallying moving your business to the cloud with our experts.


Application Development

Build, maintain, customize, and
improve your ecosystem.


Business Intelligence

Business analytics solution for agility and growth.


Integration Development

Enabling seamless collaboration of independent apps.

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Frequently asked questions for cloud migration company

How important is cloud migration in today’s industry?

Cloud migration helps you become digital relevant in today’s industry. It helps you in reducing your TCO, increases delivery timing and enhances chances for innovation.

How do cloud migration consultants help with your business?

Rialtes being an official cloud migration service provider of many partners like AWS, Azure and more enables speedy migration for your enterprise to the cloud making your organisation a more flexible and proactive platform. Additionally, you can restructure your operational ecosystem and reduce costs.

What role is Rialtes playing in cloud migration consultancy?

Rialtes can help you navigate the entire process and infrastructure. We enable faster deployment, impeccable knowledge transfer to internal teams, and proficient experts to take care of every additional procedure to further enhance your user experience.

Which types of cloud migration is best for your business?

Rialtes recommends the rehosting aka Lift or Shift style for cloud migration in the initial stages. It’s quick, easy, and convenient for the novice users.

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