RealForce CRM

Run your properties with Salesforce CRM and Tableau analytics

Commercial real estate property management software | CRM For Real Estate

Lead & Campaign Management

Be a successful lead tracker from capture to close. You’ll be able to manage and track campaigns across all channels, including social media. This will help you make smarter decisions about where to invest, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.

Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software
Experience Cloud

OmniChannel, Chatbots, Messaging, Email

Web-based property management software integrated with messages, emails, and chatbots for improved customer interaction sending updates, providing quick resolution, and enhanced communication flow.

Email Marketing

CRM for real estate requires email marketing to your customers about your most recent items or offers if you use them in your marketing automation operations

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Email Integration

Transform your email into a powerful selling tool

Get a complete view of all your customer interactions with Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail. Capture emails instantly into Salesforce, keeping you and your entire team up to date.

CRM For Real Estate - Email Integration

Real Estate Intelligence

Improve your numbers with the #1 analytics platform.

Unlock the science behind ever increasing revenue and lower vacancies. Use prebuilt real estate analytics and business intelligence to make informed decisions and project revenue. Simplify your budgeting process to bring clarity and accuracy to financials

  • Leverage existing dashboards
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Drill down to individual records
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In this Commercial real estate property management software, Track each and every activity related to the leads in a single simplified view. Identify the agent working on the leads and all the actions taken by the team members. Leverage the inbuilt chat engine to collaborate and keep everyone informed.

  • Auto assign tasks to team members
  • Log phone calls, emails or tasks assigned for the lead
  • Define escalation matrix for missing tasks
Property Cloud
web based property management software - Commercial real estate property management software

Employee Mobility

Keep your leads engaged while you are away. Access all data from your mobile devices. Take actions, chat and create tasks for team members using the mobile app. Provide instant approval and proposal quotes using instant messenger.

  • Run dashboards and reports
  • Access data and provide approvals
  • Quickly create and send emails from your mobile devices


Integrate your system with a ready to use APIs. Leverage the power of 3500+ integrations and have centralized reporting using tableau analytical engine.

  • Integration ready APIs
  • Appexchange marketplace with 3500+ business apps
  • Zero Code Integration
web based property management software - Commercial real estate property management software


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