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Real Estate ERP
Real Estate ERP - Property Intelligence

SMART Contracts

Real Estate ERP – Property management doesn’t start with onboarding but with agreements. Digitize your property management agreement with an inbuilt contract lifecycle management tool within your management software.

  • Automatic agreement generation
  • Agreement redlining
  • External legal reviews
  • E-Signatures
  • Team Collaboration
Dashboard of Real Estate ERP and Property Management Accounting Software

Asset Operation

Provide world class service to residents with an integrated customer care center, SMS based service confirmations and field service lightning capabilities of Salesforce

  • SMART Monthly Billing
  • AI, SMS, Email  based work orders automation
  • Digital Payments in +135 currencies
  • 100% configurable multilingual portals
  • Centralized Collections management
  • 40+ years old 1-click background screening
  • Weekly, Monthly Task Management
  • Chatbots, ReachChat, Softphone integrations
  • OpenDATA, 100% integration APIS

Simple Property Finance

Improve your A/Rs and reduce your write offs with a centralized financial system residential, commercial and affordable assets. Redefine the way you manage property finances with the world’s #1 cloud platform.

  • Asset Finance
  • Digital Procurement
  • SMART Reconciliation
  • Electronic Invoice Processing
  • AI Abstraction Automation
Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software
Side Angle 2 dashboard of Real Estate ERP and Property Management Accounting Software

Property Intelligence

Improve your numbers with the #1 analytics platform.

Unlock the science behind ever increasing revenue and lower vacancies. Use prebuilt real estate analytics and business intelligence to make informed decisions and project revenue. Simplify your budgeting process to bring clarity and accuracy to financials

  • Leverage existing dashboards
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Drill down to individual records

Crew Route Management

Prioritize essential projects and intelligently assign jobs, from anywhere

Leverage automation to prioritize essential jobs — and save employees time — by intelligently assigning the right workers to the right projects based on skills, location, and business rules. Increase efficiency by giving dispatchers full visibility into the mobile workforce and every job on a single screen.

Rialtes Property Cloud
Laptop dashboard of Real Estate ERP and Property Management Accounting Software

Self Service Portals

Quickly launch personalized portals and communities when your customers need them most

Build beautifully branded, mobile-responsive portals and communities quickly and easily using Salesforce Community Builder. It’s the low-code way to get started with drag-and-drop ease, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Real Estate ERP - Digital Screening

Reduce risks with a 40+ year of applicant screening

Screen applicants with a 1-click screening service, fully embedded within the core platform. Screen by state, county or nationwide for criminal and eviction history and maintain records in a centralized platform.

Real Estate ERP - Activity-Management
Cloud Based Property Management Software - Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Real Estate on mobility

Property Management Accounting Software transforms how you visualize your assets, financials, services, and board meetings. Enjoy the power of mobility at no cost to manage your end-to-end business operations.

  • Run reports and dashboards
  • Create Task for team members
  • Chat with property groups
  • Mobile approvals

Go mobile with the complete CRM solution that lets you sell everywhere.

Digital Payments

Enable clients to make payments in more than +135 global currencies . Ensure ACH and credit card payments from a simple yet powerful user interface.

  • Make payments using Credit/Debit cards
  • ACH Bank account credits
  • Schedule auto pay
  • Automatic notifications
Property Management Software
Cloud Based Property Management Software

Survey Management

Learn from your clients to improve your services. Use the Survey Management suite with inbuilt templates to schedule and collect survey responses based on various status.

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Validate KPIS
  • Ensure continuous improvements

Email Integration

Transform your email into a powerful selling tool

Get a complete view of all your customer interactions
with Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail.
Capture emails instantly into Salesforce, keeping you
and your entire team up to date.

CRM For Real Estate - Email Integration


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