Why Property Managers Should Focus on Real Estate CRM

Property Managers will benefit enormously from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) given the decentralized nature of their operations.

A CRM is, simply, a technological system for managing all of your company’s internal external relationships, incorporating most day-to-day tasks and functions in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

A quality CRM system will not only improve the way in which you do business, it will also improve your business.

What is a Real Estate CRM?

A Real Estate CRM is a CRM designed exclusively for the residential, commercial, and affordable housing industries.

It doesn’t simply enhance operations conducted between employees and with customers but also with that “third party” group particular to the property management software cloud industry: tenants.

Rialtes’ RealForce CRM does exactly that.

The Benefits of Real Estate CRM for Employees 

As property managers, yours is not a fixed-place industry.

Your products do not sit in warehouses or on shelves. The properties you manage are scattered across the geographic plane, and your employees need to be responsive to issues that arise in any given location. 

Implementing Real Estate CRM will allow your employees to be entirely mobile and to collaborate virtually, wherever they are located.

RealForce is a 100% mobile-ready platform, designed for a work-force that works. 

The Benefits of Real Estate CRM for Customers 

As a Property Manager, your customers are property owners. 

They are just as scattered as the properties they own, with widely varying needs. Whether residential, commercial, or affordable housing-focused, your clients may own a single residential real property—or they may be corporate operators with hundreds of properties across the US. 

A Real Estate CRM will empower your property owners to service their own needs with multilingual self-service portals, allowing them to submit requests for contact, service, and lease provision or revision.

Additionally, a Real Estate CRM like RealForce features in-built tenant screening, saving your clients and your employees the trouble of manually running credit and background checks. 

The Benefits of Real Estate CRM for Tenants 

The simplified application process built into RealForce and other Real Estate CRM systems benefits everyone involved—but especially tenants. 

Completing an application for rental housing is a painstaking and even stressful exercise for potential tenants. Attracting good tenants rather than driving them away with an arduous application process should be a primary motivation for Property Managers. 

A Real Estate CRM system will ease this initial hurdle and further automate the application process with full electronic signature capability. 

Once a resident occupies a property, the CRM portal’s easy-to-navigate interface will make communication simple.  

With a Real Estate CRM in place, tenants remain engaged, and property maintenance issues that you need to know about in a timely fashion will not go unreported. 

The Benefits of Real Estate CRM for your Business 

The benefits of a Real Estate CRM to your Property management software cloud business are immense. 

This groundbreaking technology will not only manage all of your internal and external company relationships but will also grow your business. It keeps leads warm and provides a hub for the generation of branded email campaigns. 

Most importantly, however, the Real Estate CRM will allow you to make time-sensitive decisions based on real-time data. 

You’ll receive faster payments and will be able to provide 24/7 customer service. 

For an industry which never sleeps, what could be more essential?