There has been a fundamental shift in the way banks and financial institutions perform their business. Over the years financial institutions are focusing on customer experience and relationships rather than just creating and selling financial products. A digitally-driven financial institution that is actively embracing CRM platforms like Salesforce needs the right partner to maximize the CRM investment as well. 

Some of the most progressive and successful banks are using advanced customer relationship management (CRM) and collaboration technology to mitigate risk and maximize opportunities. As the emphasis shifts to relationship banking, a cloud-based CRM solution like Salesforce can provide banks an insight into their customers’ behavior and business, thereby helping them to identify prospects and improve profitability. However, all this is only possible if Salesforce is harnessed to its full potential and is uniquely customized to your business needs.  

This is where a certified Salesforce partner can help you. 

Why should your financial institution consider having a Salesforce implementation partner?  

Customize the tool as per your  requirements 

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but you can use it to its full potential only if you customize it as per your institute’s requirements. A Salesforce implementation partner like Rialtes will understand your requirements, then drawing from their experience in the field and the extensive knowledge of the Salesforce environment, will suggest customizations that will help you improve your financial institute’s productivity. A Salesforce partner can help financial institutes develop custom apps for automating document generation processes, getting e-signatures, or digitizing legal documents all built within Salesforce.  

Salesforce experience matters 

Did you know that with the right implementation partner, you can have a holistic view of each of your customer’s journey and requirements in Salesforce? In today’s digitally-driven economy where a customer interacts at multiple touchpoints within a bank, it is important to have a holistic 360-degree view across digital and physical channels. Rialtes can help you maximize the Salesforce potential as we have Salesforce experts with more than 20 years of experience in the banking and finance sector. We can help you build dashboards that can give any of your employees a complete view of your customers’ interactions with your bank and suggest products that they might like with a few clicks. 

Salesforce Partner can help your staff learn quickly 

You might build a fantastic tool that will improve the work efficiency of your staff, but if they do not understand the product or the various ways in which it can help them, then the whole process is a colossal waste of money and effort! A Salesforce partner can help your staff adjust and understand the new work environment. Partners like Rialtes can offer customized training for your staff to help them get on board quickly and experience the ease of business with Salesforce implementation. 

Long-term gains with the right Salesforce implementation partner  

We at Rialtes understand that all businesses are unique and so are their needs. A Salesforce cloud is a long-term investment and the best way to maximize the returns while avoiding extra overheads during implementation is by hiring the right implementation partner. Hiring an in-house expert means added costs – something that one needs to consider based on their business size and spread. A Salesforce partner can save you cost and time as they know the industry and the platform well. 

As banks are competing for their customers’ attention, Salesforce can be your bank’s differentiating factor. It is not just about using a cloud solution but creating a seamless and consistent experience that allows your bank to become the customer’s financial partner in its true sense. 

Rialtes technologies is a certified Salesforce partner. We offer the best end-to-end Salesforce services that help you innovate and exceed the competition. We have 20+ years of Salesforce expertise and results that can be measured. Contact us to know more at