You can sell smarter and faster from anywhere with a unified AI-powered platform that’s focused on capturing leads. 

This is not just a statement; this is what an AI-powered lead management solution can achieve. 

A property manager is always on the go and need technology that can not only ease his tasks but also assist him with intelligent solutions. AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is in-built in the property management solution can do this for a real estate property manager. 

AI is slowly becoming a part of our lives, without us realizing it. The way it will be further ingrained in our lives can be estimated based on the following statistics. 

Key Statistics around AI 

37% of businesses and organizations employ AI today.

Marketing and sales are likely to benefit the most from the adoption of AI technologies. According to a global survey, 30% of respondents witnessed revenue increase by introducing AI 

There are close to 4 billion digital voice assistant devices around the world today. The number is likely to grow to 8.4 billion units by 2024. 

Being an early adopter and including AI in your sales process can improve your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and as a result revenue. 

Let us look at how AI can help your property management company manage leads and improve sales. 

  1. Have intelligence built into the sales process 

Your leads could be coming from multiple sources. Keeping track of each lead manually is tedious and ineffective in the long run. Property management software that integrates a CRM solution can automate this process. Get every lead into the system and generate a lead score based on the prospect’s activity. Nurture the leads and encourage them to take desired next steps with the right messaging that is driven by AI. 

Tackle your best leads first with AI-based lead scoring. Prioritize leads based on their intent, log communications, and connect all related tasks to a detailed contact record. This will result in implementing the best course of action to keep the lead warm and engaged. 

  1. Accelerate productivity by integrating property management and your inbox 

One of the top reasons for lower productivity could well be manual data entry into multiple software solutions. Integrate your mailbox with your property management solution, and update records and take actions right from your mailbox. AI helps surface important data around the contact and enables you to decide the next steps based on the information available. 

Update records of all the contacts that are marked in the email, use templates to respond faster, sync calendar to schedule meetings quickly, and track emails to get alerts on follow-up. AI predictions can glean insights from past conversations and suggest possible next steps. 

  1. Save time, act faster with daily task dashboard

With a daily task list that is automated in the dashboard, you will never miss a deliverable. As a property manager, you are juggling multiple things and might miss completing a couple of things on the task list in the long run. With an AI-powered daily task board, you can see your priority task items right in the dashboard when you log in. You can even have it emailed to you to ensure that you never miss a possible lead. 

  1. AI-powered recommendations for great customer experiences 

An integrated solution for sales, marketing, and customer relationship would mean a lot of customer-centric data in one place. Leveraging this data for a greater understanding of customer needs can help build superior experiences. The AI-driven property management solution can help property managers recommend the right services, upsell when appropriate, have insights around latest developments, automate workflows like follow-up emails and calls, and anticipate customer behavior to offer personalized recommendations. 

Property management solution with built-in AI can be your intelligent advisor who is discovering insights, suggesting possible next steps, and predicting outcomes as you focus on closing more leads and generating more revenue.