Improving Patient Care Through the Salesforce Health Cloud App

How the Health Cloud App Empowers Providers and Patients with Data.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare providers have increasingly relied on mobile and virtual technologies to care for patients unable to make frequent office visits. One of the key technologies involved in this shift is Salesforce Health Cloud, a cloud-based platform that enables medical professionals to deliver a wide range of patient services while gathering critical data about their
patients’ health.

Health Cloud, which now has its own mobile app, lets healthcare organizations securely access their patients’ health data — including data collected from various medical devices and patient inputs. For example, when patients take their blood pressure at home, they can enter the results into the Health Cloud app. On the other end of the platform, the patient’s doctor can view the numerical values and contact the patient for follow-up action if necessary.

So, how does Health Cloud power interactions like this? Let’s break it down below.

The biggest advantage of Salesforce Health Cloud for patients and providers is the ability to collect and reference important patient information in a single, secure place. Designed for patient convenience, the mobile app provides a seamless way to gather data from the patient and send it to the right providers at the right time. This way, providers can view up-to-date information about in-home medical devices, patient habits, medications, social factors influencing patients’ health, and more.

One Health Cloud use case that may surprise some is medical device performance tracking. Using data gathered from the mobile app, providers can monitor the performance and efficacy of medical devices like heart rate monitors, blood pressure machines, hearing aids, CPAP machines, and other in-home devices.

Here’s how it works:

But what if the provider discovers that the heart rate monitor is incorrect? Health Cloud can help with that, too. Using data collected from the Health Cloud app, the medical device company that makes the patient’s heart monitor model can:

Using medical device performance data and patient inputs, every party involved in a patient’s care plan can work together to ensure that the patient has everything they need for an optimal health outcome.

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