With the pandemic on the rise and the entire world under lockdown, we all realized the necessity of an updated healthcare system. Patients became more concerned about the healthcare they were receiving, and their expectations also skyrocketed.  

With all of this going on at the front, some organizations were working to provide better healthcare services in the backend. This need and expectation allowed the healthcare application development company to work on it and provide the customers with healthcare applications.  

Covid, indirectly yet cohesively, rose the demand for telemedicine and health cloud services, where the entire healthcare system is managed online. Cloud-based systems allow organizations to maintain continuity and allow remote working. Further, it helps to scale the bandwidth of the organization by allowing online management, which further enhances the reliability, and availability of the organization’s infrastructure.  

What are Salesforce implementation services?

Salesforce has filled the gap between healthcare services and cloud-based services, by introducing the Salesforces health cloud. To everyone’s satisfaction, the various Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions and lack of transparency throughout the continuum of care are now being eliminated by Salesforce Health Cloud. 

Salesforce implementation services enable customization in healthcare that strengthens the customer bond and also enhances their trust in the organization. It integrates with the record system and enhances visibility, making the health journey seamless.  

In a field where EMR capabilities have long been at the forefront of improvements, salesforce health cloud consultant
is equipped with standard Service Cloud capabilities like Knowledge, Omnichannel, and Live Agent. This is especially true given that Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation licenses for the Health Cloud are an add-on. 

One of Salesforce Health Cloud’s greatest benefits is its unparalleled contribution to improving visibility and data exchanges for all stakeholders. Customer service agents can easily serve patients with the greatest resources at their disposal thanks to Salesforce Health Cloud, as contact centers gain access to EMR data with only a few clicks. 

What does salesforce health cloud do?

As an extension of salesforce implementation services, the salesforce health cloud makes healthcare convenient for patients and healthcare organizations. It allows them to leverage the on-cloud healthcare services, and keep a track of their records. Apart from this, it helps to schedule online appointments. And have their medicines delivered to their doorstep.  

Additionally, the salesforce health cloud serves other benefits as well: 

Enhanced patient management  Salesforce service cloud implementation has allowed healthcare organizations to offer enhanced patient care and better management services. It allows having a better look at the patient’s healthcare plan. Allowing the concerned people to get in touch with the patient directly for better communication.  

 Integrates data records It helps to integrate all the data records of a patient at one channel only. It saves time and makes it convenient to analyze the data records for any purpose.  

 Automated workflow Salesforce’s low code and no code efficiency allow for the automation of the entire process, elevating the workflow. It is time efficient and scales productivity.  

Low cost  It reduces manual effort and human involvement, which reduces the cost of having dedicated human resources.  

Why are healthcare organizations moving to the cloud?

The healthcare industry is experiencing a revolution at this moment. And this revolution is the switch to cloud platforms. The majority of healthcare organizations have switched to cloud-based solutions. One such example can also be observed in the healthcare application development company. These companies understood the need and have developed healthcare apps.  

These apps allow the user to monitor their basic health aspects also motivating them to move toward a healthier lifestyle. An extensive rise in the use of health bands, smartwatches, and other health-tracking devices can be observed.  

Keeping up with a similar trend organizations are now advancing towards these cloud-based healthcare services. As discussed above salesforce health cloud is one such salesforce implementation service– salesforce health cloud.  

Organizations who have already made their switch to health cloud have made the following statements: 

Final thoughts

The above-listed facts and points paint a clear picture of the benefits of the cloud in the healthcare industry. Additionally, with advancements going on in all industries it is a smart choice for organizations to invest in the health cloud and start their transformational journey.