How it all started?

The need for healthcare services has been growing tremendously. With rise of technology advancements, it has truly become the need of the hour to automate what we can and offer patients with an advanced form of healthcare.
A roadmap for transforming healthcare has been devised by several leading contributors with their innovative ideas, and unique approach towards solving the problems pertaining in the industry. All this has been possible after extensive research & analysis.
Major contributing factors for this has been the requirements of the patients and that of the healthcare industry as to offer their patients with enhanced services. Amidst the discussion of redefining the industry a major problem being faced by is that of appointment management.

Looking out for the problem and its solution

If we observe closely the root cause of the problem is not that steep, it’s right in front of us. We are not leveraging what we already possess, be it technology, or data. In this fight of transforming the healthcare industry data is the most reliable weapon.

The data currently possessed by the healthcare institution is sitting idle in the data repositories. This data can predict various trends regarding the patient further enhancing the care process. Depending on the data and the pattern being followed by the patient in their appointment times, and cancellation frequency an optimum time for their appointment can be fixed.

This way patients get appointments scheduled at a time they are comfortable with, and it reduces the chances of last-minute cancellations.

But why automate appointment scheduling?

On an average, 20% of the appointments being scheduled get cancelled last minute. Why?
The reason being simple, so far appointments have been scheduled without any inputs or data being used from the patient. Just an orchestrated process of filling up time slots and letting the patients know of the timing being allotted to them. In this case, patients are required to work out their entire schedule as per the appointment time or cancel/reschedule it, if not possible.
However, with intelligent appointment management the process is reversed. Here the patients get to pick and choose a time slot and the nearest center available as per their convenient.

What happens now?

This has not only reduced the cancelling of appointments, but also increased the level of patient care being provided. Allowing patients to leverage a better structured, patient centric, and efficient healthcare system.

How it works?

Salesforce Health Cloud introduced its dashboard for intelligent appointment scheduling and transformed the entire scenario of healthcare. In this platform, either patients or the call center person books time slots for patients. The time slots reflected on the screen as based on patient’s records (electronic medical records) already existing in the system.
The already existing data allows the dashboard to leverage the data and suggests suitable timing for the patient where the cancellation rate would be less along with the nearest center for patients convenient. With Health Cloud medical record sharing has already been eased and convenient for the healthcare institutions to transfer the medical records of patients.
Not only this, with intelligent appointment scheduling patients are asked a set of questions beforehand to analyze their requirement of a healthcare professional. Based on the output nearby healthcare centers are offered to patients.
In this whole picture, the patients and their needs are kept in center, and the entire system is revolving around them. Having implemented such an intelligent and technologically advanced system where patients can even view their overall appointments with a user-friendly dashboard, it has altered the dimensions of the existing healthcare system.

How Rialtes fits in the picture?

Rialtes being a Salesforce consulting partner is offering various Salesforce implementation services. Allowing organizations to transform their business operations and elevate the customer services. Rialtes is also a certified Salesforce Managed Services Provider and providers Salesforce Health Cloud services to healthcare institutions.

Further, our expert team allows easy integration and implementation of services for a flawless workflow, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the entire system. Along with Salesforce, we are working toward a shared goal of providing better care experience to patients and an intelligent patient-centric system.

Summing up

Implementation of Intelligent Appointment Management system makes it convenient for patients and healthcare providers as well to schedule the appointments and reduce the last-minute cancellations, reducing the operational costs and increasing the output in terms of higher efficiency and enhanced care experience.


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