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Technology is advancing the world altogether and making it convenient for all. Be it pre-pandemic or post-pandemic era technology has been playing a significant role. The world has come a long way with mobile and remote access.
Around 75% of the population owns a smartphone and would prefer to manage the majority of their operations using their smart devices. Be it communication, digital payment, social media connectivity, or entertainment, almost all operations are available online.
In the post-pandemic era specifically, the entire population got used to the idea of remote access, mobility, and much-needed flexibility. However, the journey has not been that seamless since the very beginning. There have been hurdles and concerns with security and other aspects of remote access.
Initially, businesses were not readily available to accept the idea of allowing the employees to access the information remotely either on their own devices or the company assets. It was a major security concern for all businesses. Certain industries were completely closed off in the pandemic era such as the supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics.

Introducing the concept of mobility

Although remote access and mobility might sound like a new concept, it is not that fresh. These concepts have existed in the industry for a long period. However, their existence was not valuable at that point. But with the pandemic, the significance of remote access and mobility became known and was adopted by every other industry.

On the other hand, there have been certain issues related to mobility and remote accessibility that have been a threat to its mass adoption. There have been questions raised about confidentiality, cyber security, productivity, work trackability, and progress determination.

However, certain tech giants are investing in such technology to solve these major concerns, all in one single platform. One such solution is being offered by Salesforce.

What is mobility with Salesforce?

Salesforce, being a tech giant in CRM offerings, is also investing in other forms of solutions and solving other existing problems as well. These solutions range from healthcare, sales, and manufacturing to mobility.
With Salesforce, mobility, and remote accessibility has been made easier. As most businesses are switching toward mobile applications, the mobile application by Salesforce serves the purpose of mobility.

Organizations leveraging Salesforce implementation services can now use this mobile application and manage all their operations from a single window and with remote access. Salesforce mobile app is making Salesforce available on the go, with remote access.

Furthermore, it is helping organizations to get deeper insights and transparency in terms of employee productivity, get a consolidated report of employee work, and customer engagement. It also provides overall customer journey mapping for a better analysis of services.

Salesforce mobile: need of the hour?

Ever since the pandemic got over and things are coming back to a normal pace, there is a new normal in the industry. The new normal of working remotely, from the comfort of their home, leverage that mobility and is still able to access all the necessary information.
All of this is possible due to the integration of advanced technologies allowing organizations to switch to a better, more convenient remotely accessible work culture. Where the entire world is going toward a remote work culture and making everything readily available, and leveraging technology. Businesses must adopt the same culture and ensure their contribution to advancing their business, as most of the users and customers are now available on mobile.
With Salesforce there is an app for everything- an app for employees, an app for customers, an app for projects, and an app for partners as well.

How is it useful for organizations?

Salesforce implementation services possess various benefits for businesses looking out to start their digital transformation journey. Here are a few of the major benefits of leveraging Salesforce and mobility in any organization:

  • More precise and accurate data
  • Remote accessibility
  • Increased transparency
  • Progress trackability
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Personalization
  • Easy access to data
  • Enhanced business value

Rialtes contributing to the cause

Being a Salesforce consulting partner, among various Salesforce consulting companies, Rialtes is offering Salesforce implementation services.
Among these services, Rialtes comes with industry experience of over two decades and consists of a proficient team ready to offer implementation services. Further, we also offer round-the-clock support for better customer service and enhanced overall customer satisfaction.
Rialtes is one of the best Salesforce consulting companies in USA. Our partnership with Salesforce ensures seamless digital onboarding for businesses, making the transition easy.

The final word

With the world moving at a fast pace, it is necessary to transform businesses with advanced technology. Leveraging Salesforce and mobility, you can easily transform your business and start your digital journey. It provides utter transparency and efficiency in business operations, making it easy for you to have a track of what is going on in the business.


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