Starting with the foundation

Ever since the world evolved, property management and real estate have always been a part of it. Be it a conventional method or the modern technology-integrated process, having a smooth property management process in place has been a requirement for society.
With modern-day technology introduced in the industry, the property management process also evolved and offered better customer service. It became more customer-centric rather than business-centric. However, as technology got involved, property management became complex and there came various issues and concerns along with the technology.

Co-existing complications

At present, most property managers are using some cloud-based property management software, and with this came the concern of cyber threats, cyber security, data breach, and other aspects.

Although technology also ensured such threats are already taken care of with advanced technological inputs. Apart from these issues, there are several other aspects as well that needs to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Digital payment portal
  • Quick query resolution
  • Easy accessibility
  • Remote access
  • Higher dependency on manual labor
  • Heavy documentation process
  • High prices for services
  • Database compilation
  • High-end competition
These are some of the common challenges existing in the real estate industry requiring resolution with advanced technology.

Leveraging the YARDI solution

In the property management industry, there are various companies offering property management software as a solution to an easy management process. Among these names one of the earliest companies to offer this service is YARDI. With the YARDI system, property managers were given a consolidated platform to take care of multiple aspects of the property management process-such as billing & invoice, payments, resident portals, manager portals, and accounting.
These services were offered as a part of the web-based property management software by YARDI. These offerings elevated the property management industry, also making it convenient for property managers and residents to leverage these features for their convenience.
However, there is a certain roadblock in using the YARDI system as well and it requires specific training on the software to run it seamlessly.

Hurdles with the YARDI system

Implementation of the YARDI system in any organization is a very complex and tedious task. It requires expertise in the software and its operations to ensure proper installation of the system. Having such a complex system to implement for solving property management issues becomes for the property management company.
The following are the most common challenges faced by property managers while implementing the YARDI system:
  • Complex system
  • Lack of internal team support
  • Requires external technical support
  • Heavy documentation
However, these problems can be overcome by external support from an implementation partner.

Rialtes and YARDI Implementation

Rialtes is a global consulting firm that offers YARDI implementation services to property management companies running their operations on the YARDI system. We offer the following services to property management companies:
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Managed Services
  • Data migration
  • Integration
  • Digital outsourcing services
These services allow property managers already running on the YARDI system to get the required support for easy implementation and integration.
Rialtes ensures that the property management software is being implemented without any error for the customer as we come with industry experience of over a decade and consist of a proficient team to handle all the technical issues. Furthermore, we also provide technical training to your staff for the YARDI platform, which is not offered by YARDI itself.
Implementation of property management software is a complex process as it redefines the overall structure and operations of the organization. However, with our offerings you are not required to start from scratch, instead, the implementation process is seamless and also focuses on data migration so there are no gaps in both systems.

Putting an end to this

The use of property management software in the real estate industry has become a common norm these days as it provides the user and property managers with the required convenience, efficiency, and remote accessibility.
Rialtes offer YARDI support services elevating the existing YARDI services in the industry with external team support in technical aspects, and implementation as well. We ensure that your system is running smoothly without any errors and is also offering round-the-clock support for any technical assistance required.


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