Dear Patrons,

Hope you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has continued to affect the health, wellbeing, and livelihood of millions of people across the world. During this difficult time, our topmost priority has been to continue supporting our clients that rely on our products and services for running their businesses efficiently and protecting our employees, who have been an integral part of the growing Rialtes family. We are also committed to provide resources to help build healthier, more resilient communities and support technology innovations that can enable businesses to operate and function virtually.

Since the start of this pandemic, we have been closely monitoring the recommendations and regulations of the government, public health agencies, and the World Health Organization. As a precautionary measure, we advised all our employees to work remotely even before it was made mandatory by the governments of some of the regions we operate in. We realized that working from home, maybe more difficult for some team members, so we offered them the flexibility to work at their own pace and time. Relaxing some of our deadlines and revising expectations allowed our team members the much-needed time and space to get used to the changes.

Next, we became extra vigilant about the needs of our clients and partners at this time. As all organizations adopted remote/work from home policies, their obligations to their customers were still a priority. The pandemic has transformed the affordable housing and real estate industry by driving digital adoptions and we wanted to ensure that our customers do not experience any disruptions to their business continuity at this time. We set-up a 24×7 digital support desk and invested all our resources to conduct virtual meetings, trainings, and educational seminars to support our customers remotely. Our global delivery teams have been working round-the-clock to ensure that our customers get the best services despite the challenging times.

Finally, the success of any organization depends upon the wellbeing of the community it operates in. We are doing our bit to support the community during this difficult time by donating food and other necessary resources to organizations, working at the forefront to support those in crisis. Our team in India has also been participating in programs that are taking care of the stray animals during the government lockdown by arranging food and shelter to support them. Further, our marketing team has been publishing and sharing detailed communication based on government guidelines to improve awareness about how to control the spread of coronavirus in the community.

As the world fights and recovers from this pandemic, we pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy, both physically as well as mentally.

For any queries about our response efforts, please feel free to reach out to me at


Ajay Tyagi

Founder & CEO

Rialtes Technologies