A staggering 84% of customers consider the experience that a company provides, equally important as its products and services. A digital experience is imperative in today’s world, irrespective of your industry. Real-estate industry has been a slow mover in embracing technology; however, the industry has woken up to the potential of integrating technology into the sector, and there has been an exponential rise in proptech investments.

Customers today are looking for contextual messaging that can help them move forward in their  decision. Any business that offers such knowledge base and that too at the right moment will gain an engaged consumer who is likely to consider the business when making a final  decision.

Similarly, big decisions like leasing properties do not happen instantly. The consumer needs to engage with multiple digital touchpoints, and if there is a seamless cross-channel experience, then the potential to engage and capture new audience grows exponentially.

Another factor that has propelled digital experience into the spotlight is the ongoing pandemic. 

In a time of social distancing and minimized point of purchase interactions, it has become exceedingly crucial for real-estate businesses to go digital and get the experience to market faster.

Rialtes Experience Cloud

Rialtes Experience Cloud combines the benefits of multiple proptech products into one platform. It provides tools for real-estate businesses to –

  1. Build multiple digital touchpoints to engage their customers
  2. Digitize business processes to take the leap into an all-digital world.
  3.  Accelerate productivity with rapid customization of business functionality
  4.  Delight customers with innovative solutions that are scalable and mobile

With Rialtes Experience Cloud, you can build limitless varieties of digital experiences and get to market fast with enhanced personal experiences.

Rialtes Technologies can help the real-estate industry achieve customer-centric digital transformation with Rialtes Experience Cloud. Our deep understanding of proptech, real-estate sector and PAAS (platform as a service) gives us an edge in the market that is mostly driven by real-estate experts. We work closely with your in-house specialists to customize our solutions as per your business needs.

 Rialtes Experience Cloud Solutions

AI-powered Lead Management

Drive your sales with artificial intelligence-powered lead management. Improved lead management efforts mean better conversion and enhanced customer satisfaction scores. Rialtes AI-powered lead management solution allows you to track relevant information about your leads, right from the CRM . The AI can suggest possible action steps, automate lead scoring and route it to a relevant sales team member to ensure you never miss a lead.

You can track a lead from initial contact to final lease agreements. With all the information in the activity timeline, your executive will know the last communication with the lead and build upon it to ensure a seamless experience across all channels.

Campaign Management

Our campaign management tool handles the gathering and processing of marketing data while you focus on the strategy for property management. Manage nurture campaigns, run A/B testing of messages, social listening, and analyze ROI – all from our campaign management dashboard.

Design, deploy and monitor marketing activities fast with simple drag and drop features. Enhance your acquisition and nurture strategy with coordinated advertising and email nurturing campaigns to reinforce standard messaging across channels that your prospects interact with regularly. Integrate fresh leads into the CRM solution for a quick response from sales and marketing teams.

Enterprise Content Management 

Create, manage and update multi-channel content assets from a single enterprise content management solution. Create emails and landing pages with simple drag and drop features—launch sites, campaigns, and communities with unified digital experiences that are personal.

An enterprise content management solution organizes assets and repurposes them across multiple formats. This saves time and effort for you while communicating beautifully seamless experiences across various digital touchpoints.

Branded Email Communication

Create branded emails in minutes with simple drag and drop features. Add rich media like pictures, videos, brand elements and links to make your email communication powerful. Customize pre-existing email templates or create fresh ones in minutes and share them across your database with a few clicks. You can create branded emails on any device and track the responses in real-time.

Mass Email Communications

Optimize your time with personalized one to many email messaging that can be sent in a few clicks. Streamline prospect outreach with mass email communications and speed through your communications with email templates.

Log customer communication, see critical communication along with relevant emails in the dashboard and compose and send emails from anywhere. 

Tenant Screening

Secure, insightful and efficient experiences matter, when it comes to tenant screening. Make tenant screening a part of your workflow and get comprehensive reports to choose quality renters who improve your bottom line consistently. Rialtes integrates with ONLINE Rental Exchange to offer you essential insights into the prospective tenant’s performance based on their history. In-built tenant screening with mass reporting capabilities can save time and reduce losses due to damage, failed payments or legal costs.

Digital Signature

Keep your transactions secure, and delight your customers with fast responses while managing your real-estate documents. Digital Signature offers a secure online esignature solution that can help streamline the process of leasing or selling in the real-estate business. Send, sign and approve documents anytime, anywhere. Rialtes integrates with DocuSign – #1 eSignature brand.

Online Leasing

Streamline processes, save time and offer convenience to prospects with online leasing. Provide prospects with real-time pricing and unit availability through custom property websites. Execute more leases with an online application, online tenant screening, automated lease document creation and digital signature solutions. Onboard tenants faster by offering them a step-by-step guide for online lease execution and improve customer experience.

Online Payments

Offer mobility and convenience to residents with online payments that are instant and secure. Available as a mobile app or as part of a resident portal, residents can access it anytime to pay securely. Residents can view balances, make partial or full payments even while they are on the go and avoid late payments.

Community Cloud

Engage prospects, retain residents and keep owners happy with customized digital experiences that can be accessed on any device. Go to market faster with the ability to create branded self-service portals on the community cloud that are specific to a particular audience.

With an applicant portal, a prospect can apply online and sign lease agreements. On a resident portal, a resident can pay rent, raise and track maintenance requests, stay connected with the community through online announcements and events. An owner portal offers detailed reporting and status updates about the property. Go beyond pre-defined portals and create unique, responsive experiences to further your brand’s engagement.

Integrated Telephony

Personalized communication can be a differentiator for a brand when a customer is in the middle of a buying decision. Integrate telephony with your CRM to tailor experiences for individual prospects. Improve your agent’s productivity by communicating more efficiently. Make calls from within the platform, log calls and notes to a prospect’s record and view the complete communication history in the activity feed when accessing a prospect’s record. Improve customer satisfaction with calls that click!

SMS, Chat, Email

Real-time, personalized support for residents can improve resident engagement and retention. Integrate real-time chat and SMS support in the portal or app to help resident find answers to their queries fast. Email support can help residents log requests and de-escalate issues, assisting brands to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Creating a self-service portal to help residents find their answers is another way to improve resident engagement.


Listen to your customer and power your organization with actionable insights from prospects, residents, employees and partners. Regular surveys can help organizations meet customer expectations, outperform competition and get valuable data that can help a business create future road maps. Quickly design and send out surveys; interpret results directly into your CRM and make more informed decisions based on the data.

Today’s fast-paced world demands connected digital experiences that are engaging and based on data. Rialtes experience cloud can help your company close leads faster; keep residents engaged and owners happy while offering an unmatched brand experience.