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The healthcare industry has always been cautious about the adoption and implementation of new advanced technologies. However, in the post-pandemic era, the scenario has changed, and healthcare is frequently adopting new technologies.
Although it would not be justified that the involvement of technology in healthcare began after the pandemic because that’s not the case. There have been various tech companies playing their role in offering advanced technology implementations to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare at present

The healthcare industry has been facing chaos when it comes to mapping patient journeys or keeping a record of their medical documents. There has always been the need to have better processes in place for an easy operational process.

In the event of the healthcare industry adopting new technologies, with the involvement of Salesforce, certain advancements have been made. Its contribution to the healthcare industry is significant, with the implementation of CRM, health cloud, and other aspects, Salesforce has been transforming the healthcare industry from the core.

One such development is the Timeline View Configuration.

What is Timeline View in healthcare?

When a patient enrolls for any of the healthcare services at any healthcare institution, their details are integrated into a system with enough details. This system further allows the professionals to view their complete journey, have a clear understanding of what has been done, and what should be done in the near future.
With Timeline View, the care providers can fetch the entire data and schedule of the patient for an entire day, week, or even month. This allows for an easy planning process, making it convenient for both patients and medical professionals to plan their entire day.
Timeline View enables one to have a calendar view of all the appointments related to any patient. And even receive notifications for tasks added to a particular patient’s tabs, such as monitoring their blood sugar level, temperature, etc.
The events being presented are in a visual format in chronological order for better understanding. Further, it consists of appointments, prescriptions, procedures, campaigns, encounters, and other aspects of the patient profile. This allows healthcare professionals to have a 360-degree view of patient health and can easily track the progress of the patient at each step.

Benefits of Timeline View in healthcare

Implementation of Timeline View with Salesforce Health Cloud provides the following benefits to patients, and healthcare professionals:
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Consolidated view of patient details
  • Easy tracking
  • Reminders before appointments
  • Identification of open, pending, and closed activities
  • Patient timeline view

Timeline View: transforming healthcare?

After this discussion the only question still lingering in the mind is a very obvious one- is it helping the healthcare industry to redefine the patient’s experience?
From the points discussed above and based on the data available it is enough to conclude that the implementation of Timeline View with Salesforce Health Cloud is beneficial for the industry.
It is offering healthcare professionals deeper insights into patient data, which is required to have a strategized healthcare plan for each patient. Additionally, it allows the patients to have a personalized experience in their appointment scheduling and prescriptions.

Rialtes doing its part

Salesforce Health Cloud services are being provided by various Salesforce consulting companies. These consulting companies offer Salesforce implementation services for a better service experience.

As Rialtes is among one of the best Salesforce consulting partner, we also offer Salesforce implementation services, Health Cloud, and other Salesforce Managed Services

Offering these services and Salesforce implementation services. cloud is contributing to transforming the healthcare experience for patients. This is changing the dimensions of the healthcare industry, making the shift from using manual record-keeping to online, cloud applications for easy access, and convenience.

Concluding that

Implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud Timeline View has a significant impact on the healthcare industry and is elevating the overall patient care journey. It allows healthcare professionals and institutions to have a holistic 360-degree view of all the activities related to a specific patient in their respective timelines.
This is revolutionizing and empowering the healthcare industry, impacting the patient care journey.


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