Delivering a seamless patient experience is very challenging. Patients go through different organizations and healthcare professionals to get the healthcare services they need. A typical patient

Almost all industries can benefit from custom software solutions—Healthcare, Fintech, Government, Retail Stores, name it. Think about how effective your company’s software could be if it

Implementation service automates different business processes such as human capital management, finance, supply chain, manufacturing process, and distribution. What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing refers to a strategic

The word used for this transformation is PropTech. It is a somewhat glib but, at the same time, accurate term for the industry-scale rebranding underway. Technology and innovation walk hand-in-hand in any industry, and real estate is no different.

Why Property Managers Should Focus on Real Estate CRM Property Managers will benefit enormously from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) given the decentralized nature of their operations.

In the year 2021, real-estate technology will present a unique opportunity for property management companies to offer customized journeys to prospects of residential and commercial properties and automate tasks to ensure faster turnarounds and better ROI.

Property management solution with built-in AI can be your intelligent advisor . Know more

Housing authorities must gravitate towards online certification processes to improve overall efficiency while being cost-effective.

COVID -19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the renters and the housing providers alike. Since the pandemic started the rental recovery from affordable housing has seen a steady decline- An impact study

As the housing market is showing seasonal cooling off after fall, it is time to evaluate if the resilience was temporary.

Today's fast-paced world demands connected digital experiences that are engaging and based on data. Rialtes experience cloud can help your company close leads faster; keep residents engaged and owners happy while offering an unmatched brand experience.

These are six reasons to have accounting integrated into your property management software.