Affordable housing segment or PHAs (Public Housing Authorities) have enormous responsibility of providing homes to every qualified applicant. With just 36 affordable and available housing units accessible for every 100 extremely low-income renter households, this task becomes even more daunting. PHA’s are pursuing goals like housing the needy, achieving diversity of tenantry, and attracting private capital while confronting challenges of transformation. 

Technology can assist PHA’s in achieving this goal efficiently by helping them move their operations online. Legacy operational systems cause staffers to expend more than desired hours processing paper applications. 

With an online solution, there are integrated tools for accepting applications online, completing initial, interim and annual certification’s online and adopting workflows that are necessary for timely and accurate compliance reporting. 

What is recertification in affordable housing? 

Recertification is a necessary formality that every household under affordable housing program needs to complete in stipulated time. These recertification documents and processes are dominantly based on the housing programs that a resident is availing. Simply put, annual and interim rent recertification is a mandatory process required to validate the income and family composition information that was provided by the tenant. 

The annual recertification process requires tenants to provide detailed information related to family and income through continued occupancy recertification packet that is sent via postal mail. The tenant is required to fill the forms and submit relevant documents to the PHA. There may be multiple  in-person meetings with an affordable housing staff member as well. This mandatory process is essential to continue receiving rent assistance and avoid eviction. 

The whole process of recertification can be simplified and expedited with Rialtes GovHouse, online recertification solution.  Online recertification replaces paper applications with online forms and saves time for both the resident and the staff of housing authority. 

Increase accuracy and expedite the process with GovHouse online recertification solution 

1. Built-in convenience with a focus on customer delight 

GovHouse online recertification process is driven by the single goal of offering convenience and ease to both the applicant and the PHA. Specialized apps designed to deliver 24*7 access to the applicant and the housing authority staff is just the start. With GovHouse, applicants with limited English proficiency too can translate the interface and complete the process without a struggle using GovHouse multi-lingual portals. The housing authority staff can discover all the documentation, correspondence and pending requests in a single dashboard view enabling faster review. 

2. Online applications for convenience 

With Rialtes GovHouse, a resident can apply for recertification online with in-built, easy to use web forms. An applicant can fill the forms and submit the necessary documents at their convenience, using any device like a mobile phone or a laptop. Housing authorities staff can save time following up on incomplete submissions and avoid the burden of storing and filing physical forms with these online applications. 

3. Paperless documentation for a better experience 

Paper documentation can be cumbersome for both the applicant and the staff of housing authority. Online application and document submission also save on multiple trips to the housing authority in connection with incomplete documentation and avoids delay in submission. Housing authority staff can access all the documentation anytime from secure cloud storage that is cost-effective, and efficient as compared to paper documentation. 

4. Streamline processes for faster recertification 

Digital application, online screening and automated notifications help streamline the recertification process. Save the time of the PHA’s staff by reducing the in-person meeting time with systematic documentation and online updates each year. Integrate staff calendars to simplify appointment scheduling for in-person interviews. Reduce the time required to rekey all the relevant information as the applicant moves forward in the recertification process. GovHouse automates the process by updating all the information at the individual contact level. 

5. Self-service portals for better assistance 

GovHouse is designed to automate processes and help build better communication channels between the PHAs and applicants. Let the applicant find answers through a self-service web-based portal or app. The applicant can ask questions, find helpful information, update their personal data and submit requests through these portals. 

6. Accurate generation of compliance and lease documents 

Automate document generation process and allowable housing subsidy calculation process based on HUD standards. A single connected solution ensures maximum data accuracy and faster generation of compliance and lease documents. Electronically sign documents with HUD-approved e-signature services. Rialtes GovHouse integrates with DocuSign to electronically sign the recertification documents. 

Rialtes GovHouse is an intuitive platform built to offer convenience. Public housing authority staff members need a robust platform that can automate and expedite processes to help PHA staff achieve their goals while being simple enough for easy adoption. 

Regular certification processes are necessary procedures that are time-consuming if done offline. In a digital-first world, housing authorities must gravitate towards online processes to improve overall efficiency while being cost-effective. Cloud-based property management solution like Rialtes GovHouse mobilizes the power of World’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce to offer an exceptional experience to the applicant, housing authority staff, owners and vendors.