A property management company that offers multilingual self-service portals can expect greater conversions and engagement.

This is something that we can say with confidence because there are some important reasons driving this thought. Let us look at some statistics before revisiting the above statement – 

  • 1 in every 7 people in US speaks a language other than English at home 
  • Only 20% of world’s population speaks English 

Can you imagine the huge potential that these statistics present? Not offering a translatable solution for property managers and residents means potentially losing out on reaching a huge audience. But it is not just about visibility.  

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in multilingual property management software for your business. 

1. Multilingual translations are cost effective 

Having a translatable property management software is a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience.  Language plays an important role in communicating your USP’s and increasing engagement with the customer. If just 20% of people understand English, it is time to be sensitive to the language needs and experience of the other 80% of people. Even if your property management business is local it is a beneficial investment as Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA. RealForce, our property management software comes with language translation capabilities spanning 35 languages. 

2. Expand into new markets 

In today’s global and connected world expanding into new markets is a natural progression and you can be prepared for it if you have a multilingual portal. If you are a property management company with offices across Europe and USA, then it is important that you have a team portal in the native language. RealForce offers this capability, which means every office can work on the same cloud platform with an interface in their native language. 

3. Build trust 

 For a property management company, a resident portal or app is an important asset to build trust. Localized content elicits trust and confidence in a company and customers are more likely to consider the brand in their buying decision. Good content in the local language is acknowledged by customers, especially if it isn’t a norm in the industry. A property management company is a people-centric business and having such trust goes a long way in gaining customer confidence and referrals.  

4. Better engagement 

Property management software usually offers resident portals and apps. Offering the capability of changing the portal interface in a resident’s native language will improve the adoption of the platform.  A multi-family property will have multiple residents and they might have different language preferences. A portal like RealForce that offers multilingual translation capabilities will greatly improve resident engagement within the community.                                                                   

5. It leads to more conversions 

According to research about content marketing, 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it.  If your consumer finds quality content in a language that they are comfortable in, the conversion rates will improve. Imagine if you are promoting a deal or sending out an emailer with exclusive offers for the residents, then a native language emailer is likely to have more click-through-rates or greater offer subscriptions as the communication feels personalized. 

RealForce Property Management Software 

RealForce is a cloud-based property management solution that offers multilingual capabilities. With RealForce, you can customize your team interface in native language. This will ensure that the internal and external communication that your team initiates is in the preferred language. The resident portal and app too can be translated in a language that the resident is comfortable in. Similarly, all requests raised, emails sent, and chats initiated can be in native language. RealForce helps a property management company truly personalize their team members or residents experience. To watch a demo, simply fill this form and our team will get back to you.