Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) deal with a large amount of sensitive data ranging from income level and tax history of applicants to personally identifiable information (PII) of residents and landlords. The department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has laid strict guidelines for PHAs to safeguard this data and prevent any potential breaches. Implementing internal data security protocols for PHA employees might be a simple task. However, how do you ensure that your data is safe on the public cloud provided by your software vendor?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a federal government initiative that provides an authoritative framework to securing, authorizing and monitoring cloud products and services. FedRAMP certification is equally beneficial for cloud software programs supporting state and local governments as it is for the federal government. By choosing a cloud solution that is FedRAMP certified, PHAs can safeguard their data effortlessly.

Five ways in which FedRAMP authorization helps government agencies:

  1. Improves adoption of cloud solutions through reuse of assessment and authorizations
  2. Enhances data security on the cloud through a baseline set of standards
  3. Enhances automation and data monitoring
  4. Improves trust and confidence in cloud services
  5. Ensures consistency in existing security protocols

Rialtes is committed to ensuring the highest standards of data security for the PHAs that it works with. GovHouse, our flagship affordable housing software is built on Salesforce, which is a trusted FedRAMP certified cloud. The pre-built FedRAMP certification ensures complete security of your sensitive data and maximizes ROI by improving usability, automation and trust in cloud services.